Mind this matter, of mind over matter, to my mind that doesnt matter, in a state of mind unsure of the matter, between reality and insanity.

Insane, you are, Insanely you're too insane, insane to insanley admit you're insane.

Forgetful of reality, the actual real reality is forgotten in your mind of reality that is forgotten.

Thoughts of voices, thinking about the voices that are thought out loud by the voice thought by you.

Sadness in your eyes, that only you see sadness through eyes of sadness only you can see.

A rough lonley state, where you're roughly lonely in a state of loeliness roughly through a lonely state.

Happiness is what you seek, seeking is for happiness while happily being happy is what you seek.

You're slowly reaching your goal, the goal youve reached for by slowly reaching for your goal..

Selfaware of the hardwork, hardworking youre selfaware of your hardwork.

Expect the unexpected when unexpectingly you expect the unexpecting...expect

You think your doubts rule, but you rule over your doubts by doubting your doubts that ruled your doubts.

You smile with joy, with the joyness of a smile with joy..


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