on the importance of image

“did you know i actually cry at movies?”

probably not --

‘cos all the crying happens in my Head


sometimes i go to the theatre...they sit next to me and bawl

i’m stony-faced besides them


sometimes they ask me later why i didn’t think the movie was Sad

“it’s not real”

i tell them


they say i have no Emotions


i don’t tell them that i thought the movie was Sadder than they did

i don’t tell them that i really was crying, they just didn’t notice

i don’t tell them that whenever i see someone else crying

i cry


Perfection is a mask

and any slip is a Flaw...

my Emotions hide, smothered by a Society that accepts only the highest, the brightest, the --


--sometimes Society makes me want to scream with Anger “STOP!” //



“did you know

sometimes you make me feel so Heartbroken

or like the Happiest girl in the world?


did you know that i actually cry at movies?”

probably not

‘cos i never would admit such a weakness



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