Imagine you are...

Imagine you are young again.

Innocent and free of responsibility.

Not a care in the world, except of what’s gonna’ be on TV.

Your excitement when staying up past bedtime.

Your days ending when the streetlights come on.

Imagine you are young again.

Waking up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons.

Nothing much to worry about but what fun game you want to play.

Your love for a rush of sugar in you.

Worry free.

Now imagine you are older now.

You are 18 taking photos in your cap and gown at your graduation.

You are working long nights and trying to find time in between to sleep.

Days going by faster than you remember.

Deadlines knocking on your door.

Imagine you are older now.

College is no longer a thought for the future, you realize you’re in it.

Things are expensive. Gas, food, and clothes are not as cheap as what it seemed.

You now know people are not so innocent anymore.

Time flies when you are growing up.

We mature like fine wine,

And begin to realize how important life itself is.

We realize life is so much more than what’s right Infront of you in the present.

It’s the people you see every once in a while.

It’s a laugh when you feel like crying.

It’s a nap so desperately needed.

It’s the grade you worked so hard for.

It’s the nights where you’re young at heart.


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