I'm a Woman

I am a woman

yes, a woman not a child nor a baby, but a woman!

I can cook, I can clean, and I can handle myself during hard situations

that's what makes me a woman.


I am a woman

Yes, a woman!

I am stronger than a man, and can do better things a man can do

that's what makes me a woman.

I'm the woman who'll strive as hard as she can, just to get what she desire.

Yes, i am a woman!

I'm the beautiful diamond worth woman! 

I am the woman money can never persuade to get me to turn my back from God.


Yes, i said I'm a woman!

I think like a woman and i act like a woman

if you can't see it i guess you aren't human.

I said i'm a woman offer me money,  offer me diamonds, and offer me anything to get me from someone i love ahahaha that's nothing because it'll not work. 

Because i'm a woman

I work for what i want,

I lead myself, and i don't follow!

That's what makes me a woman. 

I'm a woman who'll handle her education seriously

I'm the woman who think more than her dreams can hamdle

Because i'm a woman. 


Yes, i keep telling you i'm a woman!

I'm the woman who wanna be this and wanna be that.

And she has the potential to be everything.

I'm the woman who love writing her thoughs

And not afraid of getting hurt.

I'm the woman who'll fail and have the courage to rise again.

I'm the woman who eveyrbody talk to, but not everybody understands.

Yes, i'm a woman!

Look at me and tell me what you see

"You're the tall sexy thick woman" the mirror said

I told you i'm a woman

I'm the confident woman who's not afraid to try again one last time. 

I'm the woman who'll suffer for what she love, and wait for everything she deserve.

Yes, i'm a woman but not any kind of woman. 

I survived through hardship and live by love!

I'm the woman who can take care of a house with no difficulties, and show other woman how a true woman does it. 

I'm the woman who sees herself with her own family laughingly and giggling together.

A woman who's very passionate about  her life.

I'm a woman who will not depend herself on her husband.

I'm a woman who plan her dream and know what she wants.

I'm a woman who won't let any one step onto.

I'm the woman who'll struggle and struggle but never give up. 

Because a woman is what god, and my mother created me to be.


Yes, i am a woman!

A woman! A woman! A woman!  Ask for a woman and they'll pick me, because

I'm a woman not a child nor a baby,

But a woman. 


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