I'm Still HUMAN!


Tomorrow is my future. Today is my past. I am letting go of all the bad things. If you are not here to build me up and only put me down, then the strings that I have attached to you will be cut. I finally realized that I don't have the time to deal with the cause of toxic chemicals because I no longer want to be burned by the after effect. I want to pity myself because of all the bad things like the pain always being afflicted, my heart feeling avoided, and my mind being evicted. Trust being broken and promises never kept, this is the cause and effect.


But I know that there is always someone out there going through worse than me. They say that God puts people in and takes out of our lives for a reason. If you are no longer in my life, then that means you were not meant to be part of my future where I will achieve greatness. I have grown and am still growing. This is a young woman with a mental disability who is learning what it means to hold her head up high. My past is my pain and the future is something that I'm willing to keep sane. I hold grudges because I'm in pain, I'm in pain so I cry. I cry because my heart aches. And it only aches because it means that I'm human. If I am human, then that means I can do all the above just like you. Meaning that I can also feel. Stick and stones can break my bones and words can never hurt me, is what they say. But I've realized by seeing that words do more damage than the sticks and stones that you throw. Words are just like bullets with the gun being the brain and the mouth the trigger. I speak for those with mental illness, the ones that have been bullied, and for the abused and damaged. I feel the need to write this down because people don't seem to get that we also feel, sometimes don't heal, and that our blood is the same red color that also spills.

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