I'm Sorry For Loving You

Aggregation. No, irritation. No, Completly annoyed. NO! none of this even comes close to describing how i feel, because being invisible isn't something that words can describe. Someone already claimed you as their own, but i wanted you. She doesn't love you like i do, like i would, like you deserve. I have no right to be sad, or upset, or to cry over you, but i do and i will because i can't help it. I can smell you, and im wearing your jacket. It smells like you. I've been in your car with you, at night, and we sat and talked, and i would have stayed there until the world fell apart around us, but you had to leave. You can sing, and it makes me want to cry because its beautiful, you winked at me and my heart fluttered. You hug me goodbye and you hold me tight, it's more than a friend hug, it was long, and close, and warm. Because im so cold. And i wish that i could have you as my own, but you seem happy. But are you really, does she love you like you love her, when she left for those few hours, she didn't cry like you. But im sorry, im so sorry for loving you.


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