I'm Not Here

I'm not here

I'm not here

I'm so far from 

where my path is gonna take me


I'll be smiling 

    but I don't mean it


I'll be laughing 

      but I don't feel it 


I'm not here 


My body breathes clear 

My heart breaks down


My eyes 20/20 vision 

water falls frrom my sight


I'll be dead 

so you won't deal with me 



I know you truley care

but you stand and do nothing 


I know you love me 

yet you abuse and beat me 


I know you hug me goodnight

but you cut me and bruise me 

fighting with no hesitation 


I don't wanna play games

yet you get drunk and don't care


I want to dissapear 

too difficult, too classic, to obvious


I'm fixes and healed 

kill me, end my suffereing, please do something


I'm not here

I'm not here

I'm not here



I'm not here

I'm long gone from home 

and ready to DIE...

Yet I'm scared.




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