Im fine

You see the holes carved into my skin

You say what happened

“Itchy bug bites” 

no no that’s not what it is

You see the lines etched deep in my flesh 

You ask again 

“Playing with my cat” no no no

Lies again

Why do you always wear loose clothes 


That’s only part of the answer

They cling in ways that don’t hurt the blood stained wounds 

You look so sad

No no

Just tired

Lies again

Holes from the burns

Picked at the scabs

Lines in my flesh 

Sharpen my knife

Bags under my eyes 

From nights spent thinking about the weapons in my room

Any one could be used

How quick it could be over

Sometimes I look over the edge and see how easy it could be to jump

Walk through the street wishing for cars

Drivers paying no heed

You ask if I’m okay

All I’ll say is 

I’m fine

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