I'm Awesome.

I'm awesome.

At least that's what everyone else seems to say.

What happens when all except my "awesome" self

Can be suggestive to view me this way?

Constant, consistent, continuous compliments 

Acknowledged with a seemingly comparable smile,

Yet behind the mock grin lie stored insecurities

I've successfully trapped inside for a while.

I'm awesome, I'm awesome.

Maybe saying it twice will permanently make me believe

That I truly am as beautifully strong and honestly sincere

As others around me claim that they see.

Could I honestly be as awesome as they say?

If I don't affirm their encouragements as true?

If I'm not practicing what I preach? 

If I don't give myself credit where it's due?

I am awesome,

And this time, I think I actually believe it.

I can conquer the world, and I will.

Just give me the chance, and I'll take it.

I'm as awesomely awesome

As an awesome person could be.

The burdens of mankind have certainly been lifted,

Thank heavens, I'm finally free.


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