I'll Show You

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 19:28 -- rb97
The look you give me when I tell you I want to study away from you, 
The sadness I see in your eyes when I tell you I want to travel, 
The words you spoke when you said you wouldn't support me going abroad.
I'll show you the determination I have.
I'll show you the work that I'll put into it.
No matter how much you may oppose this, 
I'll show you that it will become my reality.
It will no longer be just a dream.
To me, it will be my life.
To me, it will be my every day.
To me, it will be my dream. 
To you, every day will be a lifetime.
To you, the calender will lie to you.
To you, I will be the farthest away than I ever have.
I hope you will realize that one day you will understand all of my efforts.
I hope you realize that they were not all for nothing
I'll show you that impossible dreams can become reality.
I'll show you that anything is possible when hard work and dedication is behind it.
No matter the sweat, the work load, the tears that go into this dream,
I will make it happen. 
I'll show you that without your help, I'll be able to do this.
I want to be someone who you're proud of.
I want to look at my life in amazement.
I'll show you that all of this will be worth it.
As long as I am living, breathing, I want to use all of my time to be productive towards the dream. 
I only have one life to live.
I hope you will see your words will not affect my determination.
I hope you see that you cannot always control or protect me.
I hope you see that I want to do more than a small town can give. 
There are so many horizons that I have yet to see in front of me. 
I hope you see that this is all according to the plan I've made.
Please be here when I come back.
Welcome me with open arms no matter what.
Catch the tears that will fall from my eyes.
Hold me like you did when I was young. 
You said you'd always support me. 
Support me now.
Don't give up on me.
I'm doing this and I don't want to regret not doing it later in life.
This is the only time I can do this.
I hope you understand my motives.
I'll show you that this can become my reality.
I'll show you that this can become yours, too.
I can do it,
Just trust in me, please.


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