I'll Have What She's Having

I always wanted to be there.

Helping with homework on a Tuesday night.

Getting to hear about your day.

Haven't got that since your mother took you away.

Not just to one town over, but next to Dover.

The seperation took a toll on me. Got divorced.

All while the negatives of me were reinforced.

I made one mistake with your mother.

I've changed since then.

I took care of you on my own. 

I loved having my babies.

My father never showed me much of anything.

The way he neglected to show he cared. 

All I wanted was to be a dad. Nothing made me happier.

Why then, do you not come over? Do you hate me? Do you hate your stepmom?


You've become the very thing you sought to overcome.

It's the beer or me. I want you to be there for my kids.

At the rate you're consuming, I have my doubts. 

Please dad, stop guilting. Start living.

Put papa behind you. 

I love you dad.

This poem is about: 
My family
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