Ignorance Not Always Bliss



Friends for almost ten years 

Never once did it cross my mind

Nor that of most of our peers

We are different on the outside

We think, act, talk the same

We both grew up in this town

Which we both think is pretty lame

In the city we’d rather be found

We have so much in common

Our single difference never mattered

Until some kid who is rotten

Spoke and our peace was shattered

What he said I cannot repeat

I never heard it used that way

This word, reserved for the streets

Of cities far away

It is also used in rap songs

But I have never spoke it

And spoken it sounded so wrong

I bet he wished he could revoke it

But in life there’s no undo button

And despite the controversy

You got no apology from him

Later that day you told me

About feelings you’d kept a secret

Self conscious and an outcast

With us you thought you didn’t fit

The truth poured out so fast

I was shocked at first

Thinking, of course you belong

I felt like the worst

Not knowing for so long

But now I know

I’m so glad I understand you better

With me you never have to be faux

And we can be friends forever.

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