Most people say that ignorance is bliss.
But I believe that ignorance is destruction.
The ignorance of feelings,
The absence of empathy.
Not knowing or caring what others are going through.
Others barely making it through the day,
And we're not making it any easier on them.
We as in humanity.
It is not just you, it is not just me,
But the royal we. Humanity.
What if we all cared?
What if we all loved?
Is it possible.. Probably not.
However, I believe that
If we all put in the effort.
One person caring
Plus another,
Plus another,
Plus another
And so on.
And from there it becomes a movement.
It goes from one person to all of society-
A paradigm shift of thought.
If you change,
the world will change.
If you lent a helping hand,
A shoulder to cry on,
An ear to listen,
Tragedy would lose it's sting.
If we all cared
Life wouldn't be so hard.


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