Fri, 07/18/2014 - 01:28 -- wodel

It’s quite ignorant of you to think we’re all ignorant on purpose.

Yes, we do know there are many different variations of things in the world,

No we did not think not knowing them all would cause a circus,

Now you’ve got our heads all swirled.


In terms of sexuality and gender,

Not all of us know there is more than the allotted few,

You can’t make us all the offender

Throwing us aside as ignorant and saying you’re through


A large number of us are oblivious,

Not realizing you putting yourself in a pickle.

Why try to learn them all when no one was making a fuss?

We don’t always know why you’re so fickle.


The ignorance you portray says it all,

It complicates things when complications aren’t needed.

Not knowing it all is okay as long as it doesn’t bring your downfall,

Forcing your knowledge unto us to please another few shows that our views are unheeded.


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