He's a stupid communist Nazi who hates the middle class and will drive us back to the dark ages with the devil by his side holy hell just look at that smug look on his face as he lies to us why don't you release your records we want to see the proof that he's as good as he says he is but he's too afraid and... you haven't said anything what are you too afraid to stand up for what's right for our country it breaks my heart that you don't care about our rights we're your friends aren't you going to vote for our side look what a fool those undereducated idiots have running he doesn't care about us he's wrong.

Sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Which one of you was talking? Doesn't matter, I heard the same from the other side anyhow. Look, can you tell me one good thing about your candidate?
Well, we're not as stupid as the other party.
That's basically what all of your arguments add up to.

You think that roughly half of this nation's population wants to destroy the land we live on. Is it a rational viewpoint to believe that they're all in this to create chaos because fuck you, that's why! Were I a future dweller looking back on your political text from this age, I would come to the logical conclusion that the US was populated by 50% supervillians and 50% honest folk. These fish tales are too much. We are raising/becoming an ignorant generation that does not check facts and turns important decisions into mob tournaments to see who can bash the other hardest with a club.

This text means nothing, though. What I write is a dying ember. My vote, backed by research, at least makes some influence.

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