If you think it's fun please listen to me.


I’m trying to be loud,

But it seems like you can’t hear a sound

Yet my words are profound.


It might be the music that doesn’t let you listen

But hear me out I need to get you out of his prison

Please stop praising the cocaine

I swear it’s turning you insane.

Or it might be the drinking

Please listen to me your sinking!


Please let me know the first time you tried all that what were you thinking ?

Can’t you see everything you lost?

Speak to me let me hear your thoughts.

Please listen to me here me out

I swear to you I’ll help you figure things out.

Please listen to me get out of that lifestyle

I swear that fun will only last a short while.


To all my friends that are slaves of that lifestyle

Please listen to me quit the denial.

you've been completely differnet for a while now.

Please listen to me

I only want the best can’t you see?

I want to be heard by the teens

That can’t see that maybe

Lately doing drugs and drinking won’t get you far

It won’t turn you into a star.


Please let me be heard I’m telling the truth,

That happiness comes from within and not from all that sin.


Need to talk?

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