If only you knew

If only you knew how much i needed a friend / i thought i gave you a hint when you saw a cut under my chin/ and  you saw hate marks on my arm or when/ i use to laugh and tears would come out i would say your killing me ,but deep down like a din suicide was on the brink of a win/ See my family /never really seen me as fam you see/ i was on the bottom like the kickstand of a christmas tree/there were holes in my walls because of the fist that were missing me /i remeber when i left for 2 weeks i thought i walked into a movie the way they act like they were not missng me/ Sometimes my pipe was the only thing kissing me/ touching myself see im only human you see/ girlfriends were woodchippers to me/ my only friends was brazilan who barely understood me a computergeek and a computerscreen/ last kid put his hands on me i think i paralyzed em with a edge of a broke cd /see i thought this was winning/at church begging for a new beginnig/ tears crying along with me as i cryout for sinning/ only to believe this was my end man like an inning/  I tried talking nobody was there /i immediately find a chair/ rope on top see the wires was near /jumped and my body dangling defying gravity as it vertical in the air/ It never hurts to ask or to ask out of care / IF only somebody did that to me i would still be here The Truth

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omg i love it!!!!!!!! i had wrote a book called if only he knew and it was bout how this boy tormented me emotinally....... it was like a harley quinn and joker relationship and i fell into depression and stuff because he made me feel like ish.. but hey it gave me a new meaning in life ig......

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