If Only

I can't take this any more
I'm so battered and so worn
I've lost my way and my mind
I'm just so awfully torn.
I need my friend back,
I need my home, 
I'm so sick and tired
 of feeling all alone. 
I can't get my mind off her 
I can't ever let her go,
If only I could tell her,
 If only she could know. 
But would that even make a difference,
would it really bring the change? 
Or am I just losing my mind 
becoming totally deranged?
I told her I loved her, 
I swore it was true
 but she doesn't seem to feel the same, 
If only I could get a clue.
 But I can't move on, 
I can't ever let her go. 
If only I could tell her, 
If only she could know. 
I just need to find a friend, 
I need someone to hold. 
Someone who can keep me warm 
While the world outside is cold. 
I'm not sure where I'm going, 
I barely know where I've been. 
Still I just want to go back 
If only to feel loved again.
I want to find a new friend
But I'll have to let her go
If only I could tell her
If only she could know
But I can't move on
I can't ever let her go
If only I could tell her 
If only she could know.


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