If My Mind Could Erase You

Time goes by
And I am still inside this crystal globe
Thinking about how life would be
as if you were still here.


I feel prisoner of my own thoughts
I am still in your captivity
As if you were part of me
You are in every second of my existence
Like the air I breathe.


If mind could erase you
I would break free from this crystal sphere
To open up to the beautiful world of the now.
The dream will end to leave me room
To welcome the present tense.


I am in a quest
to wipe off all remembrance of your being
to be able to glance at the horizon
and feel the fresh breeze
to feel the warmth of the Sun touching my skin
to hear a child’s laugh
and the birds sing
to smell the flowers
and feel the sea waves
to taste the fruits of the trees
and feel the rain in my cheeks.


I long for the moment of freedom
When I open up my arms
And I scream loud, louder
Excited for the new beginning
This is when you are no longer my keeper
And I can at last be
Just me.

~Poems by Teteoinan

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