If I Was My Brain

Quiet is a scream

Louder than a cry

Creeping is silence

Asking us why


Quiet is a shred

Not yet a a thread

Typically ripped to pieces

I still can't believe this


Quiet is me going crazy

Drug overdose

Please save me

Alcohol addiction

Suicide hotline

Crying as these minutes

Pass by


Laughter is a choked off bite

Loud is bursting with lies

Screams are bursting with need

I'd rather go to bed every night hungry

I act like I'm not worried


Talking is me crying

Laughing is contemplating

Which method is best for suicide

Which choice is less painful

To make it look less dull


How can you still believe

That laughing is still serenity

When nothing

Is always something

To not the world

But only me




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