if i was her boyfriend

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 13:41 -- mxllika

if i was her boyfriend

i’d invite her to stay

the night at my house

if she likes, she would say

“yes!”, we’d grab snacks

i would nervously rest

my head on her shoulder

o why did I wear a dress?


if i was her boyfriend

i’d brave to encase

my hand in hers, i’m sorry

is there something on my face?

she says i look pretty with

this lipstick, it suits me

but i hate the pink in my cheeks

and we’re not even watching this movie


if i was her boyfriend

i’d lie in her lap

and ask if i can kiss her

she’d laugh and close the gap

our hobbies are very different

so we bicker and i loathe

that i can’t like video games

instead of online shopping for clothes


if i was her boyfriend

we’d make up silly songs

on my ukulele ‘til it’s morning

—shoot! we don’t have very long!

uhhh pick a hand, any hand

i’m not sure what we should do,

but i’m certain i hate feeling like

i must be a boy to love u



Zoey Bell

I love it!

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