If i could change

I catch my self every now and then,

loosing my cool and get angry within.

Running my mouth whenever I please,

offending people around me.

I go around stating ignorant facts, 

then arguing for days with the info I lacked.

I demand for things I suddenly crave,

and give you a fit if you misbehave.

I get impatient so easy, so fast,

but surely your time can wastefuly pass.


Immituraty and arragence, i'm such a child.

I wish I could be humble, intelligent and proud.

I wish I could change who I am, who i was,

to acknowledge the world and what everyone does.

To care about others and there conserns,

and give them the respect they rightfully deserve.

I wish my mind was always open,

accepting ideas, opinions, and hope.


But here I stand not taking advice,

traveling the world like the three blind mice.

Will I ever be humble? My chances are slim.

I just have to keep trying. Digging deep within.





That's a very nice poem, I can relate. Still digging.

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