To be heard.


To be admired. 

To hear your name on the lips 

of strangers and the mouths of scholars

To have youth ponder over your thoughts in tests

To inspire gardens, to provoke a sanguine mess.

To be analyzed. 

To be a power. 

To know your words and your voice are iconic; 

a metaphorical colussus known the world over,

and to be more legendary when you're older. 

To inspire songs in the hearts of lovers

your words etched in the gravestones of ephemeral sleep. 

To have your name in the domain of the greats;

Plath, Poe, Byron, Wilde.

Dickinson, Angelou, Shakespeare.

To shape words that nourish career

A name in annals of history, a name made immortal. 

To be admired.

To be recognized

To be heard.



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