I Will Never Be Good Enough

Sun, 06/01/2014 - 10:32 -- AMungia

No matter what I do

What I try to do

It will never be right

It will never be what you want

It never will be good enough

But what about me

I have dreams




Things that don’t involve you

But you push

And push

To the point where I’m standing on the edge

Ready to fall

Ready to jump

If I jump I will save my dreams

My hopes



Because you would not have tainted them

I am not you,

You are not I

 We are two different people

Let me live my life

Before you push me to the point of no return

I am my own person

Let me make my own expectations

Because I will never live up to yours

You cannot control me

I don’t want to be controlled by you

Set me free

Or else I will fight

I will fight every step of the way

And you wont like it



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