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All who attempt to Behold the wondrous works Of the ancient wielders of pathos Are to wait until eternal rest comes upon them
a l i v e                    the anticipation sitting on the stage bow in hand but trying to escape
The flow of our bodies begins to harmonize A chorus of grunts and moans crescendos   Urged forth by her begging eyes Our symphony climaxes behind fogged windows  
A single note Shatters the room Piercing, reverberating Through the soul Within a single heartbeat Hundreds of voices join in sync
Polished wooden boards A bow string of fine horse hair Across the metal string   Release the rich sound Sing, cry, roar, whisper, scream sound Breathe, speak, and tell us  
You may ask me what I need, and I could say food. I could say the neccesities. I could even say the love of my life, but I will not. The thing that means the most to me, the thing I could not bare to see go,
I can conquer anything -  Any struggle, any strife, All I need to do it is my fingers and my life.   Performing is my passion. Drawing is my dream. I do this each and every day,
They encircle around, hearing Watching as the music stops playing... Some laugh, some may point, But whose fault is it for the loss of knowing? Ignorants they are for not seeing
  My name is the syncopated beat Of a dotted eighth note, sixteenth note Rocking like a boat on windy waters   My laugh is the swoop of glissando Sometimes a delicate slide
SIXTH SYMPHONY   Beethoven is a liar. He would have you believe that he wants you; but behind your back, he is glad to see you go.   Happiness
  Hushed within myself the instrumental softly incurred.
My heart is like an orchestra: Full of sadness, joy, and song. My instruments are tuning still Though it's been so very long.   Percussion plays my awkwardness; The strings, all my compassion;
It vibrates Through the room The strings on my viola Sing with it It vibrates through my heart I feel it deep inside. I place my bow on the string My fingers are ready
I see instruments singing, the noise of the universe,
The time has come for a suite,Humbling and sweet.Eternity awaits for those of us,Standing on destiny’s edge.  
The crowd hushes, a magic silence, They sit, and wait, patient and quiet. The conductor settles, he stands very still, He raises his baton, the orchestra waits.
Semisweet sounds fill the robust emporium Sarcastically, kids mimic the beauty of the melodies Soulful tones melt over every seat; molding the auditorium T
To kiss you is to hear trumpets sound and feel the reverberation  propel throuhg my skin as my soul rejoices in meeting its other half
The sweeping sounds cascade out of the stage Bouncing around the room, Mixing with the cushioned chairs And the old-people smell.   The brass blasts out a baleful melody
Robin Stumpfig                   Rendering the common peace             Striking deep             Saving the light             Forging hope  
  I see you You get up on that podium Looking calm as water Waving your arms around Saving the hopeless for when The orchestra can’t see   I hear you You get up on that pulpit
Never, he said, go along with a speeder Hold your ground! Be a leader Follow the speeder and you will be bound You'll be speedier, speedier, speedier and faster You'll fail the whole orchestra
It all began when my dad killed my fish, when I cried and said a new CD was my only wish I was only three when he brought one home And it only took me 2 days to learn every song
See I came down for a purpose. See as I came down I did not hover, I slammed!The ground broke down in a shatter when I landed. See, I came to bring peace to my loved ones and war to my enemies. 
My heart is a lonely hunter. My arrow drawn, ready to strike, Tears toward the target, bringing it to life.    A faint piano begins easing through the silence.
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