'insecurity' 'depression' 'faith'

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SOS (Heart of Bold 2)   Dear God, I'm sorry if may sound impromptu I'm still your kid right? Even when I had no one else to run to/   Lately I've be sobbing Tears running down
Sharp cold crashing waves. They rush over me. They drag me under. Until I reach the bottom. The ground with sand  coursely rubbing against my skin, getting into my mouth and eyes,
Hello she, he, they say to someone elses Smiles and greetings for everyone but me The way I see What about me? Can you greet me? Do you see me? Do you, like me? Hello, one in every ten says my way
I used to be afraid But now I am strong   Conversations were a battleground And I was easily defeated But the silence was worse It really wasn't what I needed  
Saudade By: Sydney Johnson   A feeling of melancholy, longing or nostalgia   It seeps into
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