I thought...

I thought we were sisters and

That we could be completely

Honest with one another especially

Over a guy.


I thought I made it clear

That I still had feelings for him.

Honesty would have been nice

Over a lie that you repeated more than twice.


I thought I told you

That I don't feel comfortable about you liking him.

Honestly, I thought as a friend you would put our friendship first

Over a guy that was clearly mine to begin with.


I thought you would stop pursuing him and

That you cared enough about my feelings.

Honestly, I thought you would take that into consideration and get

Over the guy I liked.


Well I thought wrong

For you and him were hanging

Out all along.

Foolishly, like a puppet on a string,

You played me

This whole time.

With my foolishness and tiny dignity,

I walked through the hallways of our school

Around all those who knew

The Lie

Carry the shame on my back in pain.


I thought we were sisters and

That we could be completely

Honest with one another especially

Over a guy.


I thought wrong and I thank God for

That lesson was well learned.

Honestly, I pray that God blesses the both of you, but I'm

Over the dishonesty and sisterhood that badly turned and burned.








MVP-Most Valuable Poet

always have god in your heart

he will guide you through any midst of betrayal and distrust

true friends will love and accept you for you

keep writing-have a lot to say

very expressive and passionate


Thanks! It was tough letting go of a sister until I realize she wasn't a true sister. I learned a valuable lesson to be careful who I trust, and that not all sisters are good friends. So I let go of her and let God handle the situation. I thank you, once again, for the support and the advice. It really does mean a lot. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very talented

i would like to work on writing poems with you and inspire people as a community


That sounds awesome. I have some free days Thursday and Friday where we can collaborated on a poem. Here is my email address: jewel.cotlong@hotmail.com. Can't wait to build a powerful masterpiece with the MVP. God bless:)!!!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

mine is velezjrrobert@gmail.com

let's begin the collaborative process


This was wonderful! I love the visual that the line: "Foolishly, like a puppet on a string," gives the reader. I am definitely going to read more of your poems! Keep up the good work! :)


Thanks:)!!! The poem was about a rough time I went through with a friend that I had to let go. I gave my situation to God and I was set free. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!


I dont think that what your friend did was wrong. If she really liked the guy and especially if he liked her back than you should have been more open to their relationship even if you still liked him. Sometimes you have to put other people's happiness before your own. she should have told you though instead of hiding it from you and then you having to find out on your own.


Thanks! But there is more to the story which I can not tell. I asked all my friends and they told me that what she did was wrong for she wasn't being honest about her feelings toward  the guy I liked. At the end of the day, I did let them be happy with each other, but I couldn't be friends with her anymore for she fought for him behind my back while I was still trying to get to know him and him get to know me. When it comes to sisters, you do not betray a sister by taking her guy. Thanks for the comment though. God bless and keep writing on my friend:)!!! 


You are so honest, it's inspiring!



i want you to understand that GOD gives us situations for use to see our strength .I had a guy lead me on and then break up with me in a text for a girl that he ended up breaking up with because she was dating 2 guys and him.Its take a slap in a face to notice someone who truly vales you as a person.The guy might not worked out but a friendship is worth the fight for .Also i truly admire you letting out that frustration and letting it out. Trust me when things go wrong their gonna  be something waiting for you with just your name on it .

stay strong and positive take every moment and learn from it and grow from it .

**Please check out my poem I'M SORRY and To good to be true maybe you could relate to what i was going though also any other poem i have .

Keep your head up because the sky has something just for you 

amazing poet and poem keep up the good work

Robin Amayoo


it speaks so much one can easily translate these words into a picture and how all it ended.


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