I Smile

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 12:55 -- _shelbr

The day I could walk into a room, 

Without fear of the walls caving in

And people’s stern glances 

it became clear to me

That’s I was growing,

I was no longer scared of judgement 

And I was being mended

Into my own person

Where I didn’t yearn 

For the appraisal of people

I did things that brought me happiness,

Brought me universal content 

So that was when I knew

This is me, my life

And I follow my own rules

Without doubt or temptation 

From others or my family,

I do what satisfies me,

So now I walk,

With my head high

And with a twinkle in my eye

Into every room I may come across 

and I smile.

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