i should be doing homework

I was feeling so confident and so great about myself,

just for it to be completely shattered

by one thing.

By something so stupid.

But then you make me feel crazy.

You make me feel like,

like it's my fault.

I fucking hate that about myself.

when it shouln't even be me that I'm hating, it should be you.

Maybe I'm not good enough.

Maybe I'm not...

I'm not, am I?

I mean, I'm so concerned about getting through today,

without a hint of what tomorrow's going to feel like,

then I realised

I don't want to feel tommorrw.

That's the plan, I mean,

not feeling tommorrow.

I can't breathe...

I shoudln't have to.

I just thought that someone should know,

I don't know how this works.

I feel like someone should know.

I'll do anything to stay

but I can't do this alone anymore.

You know I can't.

I think if I say what I truly feel, I think that I will vanish.




Promise I'm fine :) just a little late-night edginess.Β  Really angsty, isn't it?Β  At least it isn't another love poem, I imagine you guys are a little sick of those.Β  I know I am...Β 

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