I Rise.

This year, I burned myself away

I let myself wilt 

Without dismay

Often, I was horrified

A world in meltdown

Triggered my pride

And let me drown

I got up, though

I always came around

It took some time, yes

To learn and grow

To allow an unfolding

To draw back my bow

My life would make an impact

I quickly decided

There was no room to hesitate

In a world of those misguided

It took courage, there is no question

My dream was clear

I was to make an impression

I stood by, watching with intent

And through experience, I learned well

The way to heal the destruction

Is not through some wishing well

I found my village

And they found me

They were, truly, my unity

The one thing I had awaited 

For what seemed like centuries

Had unfolded miraculously

Women became a necessity

I was opened to a whole other world

Wild creatures who howled at the moon
Who sang and twirled 

Around a blazing fire

Hand in hand 

Togetherness was our power

It was our will to stand 

I rose from my flames

Unveiling a new sense of being

And I began to make way.


by Sarah Winston


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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