I miss you, Dear Friend

I miss you dear friend

Why did you have to go and change?

I miss the old you,

I wish you felt the same.

We laughed

We fought

That's what best friends do.

But when the go and gets tough

I guess you couldn't pull 



I remember the days,

we spent talking of plans for the future

I would have never guessed 

yours would be fufilled with

sex, drugs and liquor.


I tried my best,

as a friend, 

as a sister.

I guess you got the wrong impression,

now all I hear are the whispers.


"How could you do that?"


"I thought you were her friend?"

I did what I had to do,

I'd rather her be alive than



I know you don't understand,

and you wont for some time,

but just remember

one thing,

you have your own mind.


Don't give into the



try to fit in.

God made you perfect,

without the unneeded sin.


As days go by, 

I start to notice you


Who is the girl?

What is her name?


I miss you dear friend,

I wish we hadn't grown


My heart says hold on,

but my head 

tells me 
















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