I Love You Bud


United States
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"I love you bud. You make me proud!"
Oh, how I miss hearing those words aloud.
You had my back, you watched me grow,
And gave me all the love a daughter could know.

I wish I could've realized sooner
You wouldn't always be there for me to see
And I should've taken the opportunity
To spend more quality time with you
Showed my appreciation for all that you do

But it was too late when I opened my eyes
My heart screams and cries with why's
Never will you walk me down the aisle
Whether for my wedding, or a simple mile

So please just watch
Know I'm giving life all I've got
For you - and mom too
There's just one thing I wish you'll do
Come to me at a time you see fit
Open your arms wide and say it
Say it from that big ol' belly - nice and loud
"I love you bud. You make me proud!"


Carlie M.

This poem was inspired by my dad's passing away. It is almost the way I feel about it. My life when it happened. My regret of not seeing what a great dad I had.

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