I Know that I Know Nothing

I know that I know nothing,

Yet what do you know of me?

That I smile and laugh,

That I am truely happy?

I can see that you are hidding tears,

Right behind those smiles.

I know you are hidding the scars,

They are hidden in yours eyes. 

I promise I am the same,

I hide everything out of pride.

You ask if I am okay,

And you know that I lie,

But you stay quiet and pretend it's all right.

I can't live with you saying one thing,

Then turnng around and saying the opposite.

I won't pretend I know your story,

I won't pretend I know your feelings.

I know you don't know mine.


You'll never understand,

What would you know?

Are you in my head?

Have you seen all of the blows?

So don't tell me I have no reason to feel as I do.

What do you know,

Take a stand my shoes.

I want to hide in the shadow,

Dissappear into the dark.

I honestly don't even want to look at myself,

I don't know what you want.

I don't know you,

You don't know me,

Yet we face the same thing.

The hate, the fear, 

The darkness we face,

All over the world,

It is all the same.




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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