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Every time you say I-love-you, it sounds the same way. You’ve said it more times than I can remember, But it feels so good to hear you say it again tonight. I know that you mean it because your actions show it. .
“Same”- sounds safe. Almost easy Because When I wake up everyday, I knew I knew what tomorrow held   So used was I
Reflection September 10, 2018 ~ Monday Wake up one day Staring into the face of someone I don’t recognize Are those my eyes or hers
We do not have to plead our case For he took our place Tracing back-to Genesis When we were molded by His grace
I know that I know nothing, Yet what do you know of me? That I smile and laugh, That I am truely happy? I can see that you are hidding tears, Right behind those smiles.
Natural I Am 
Goodbye to those I once knew, those that will remain are a few, for the train is reaching its destination, and the time to descend has come. To the passengers that have left, you have made an impact,
when your in love there is always pain! you know why? becuase love is the sister or pain. you fall in love he might brak your
  Mary said to Betty Lou I love you dear with all my heart. And Betty Lou then said to Mary We should ne’er be far apart.   So they held hands and skipped along Right up to the holy place.
I walked with my shadow, side by side.
When we live in the freedom country,
I am the girl that is permanently stainedThere’s more to sex than giving birth and STDSSometimes if your lucky you’ll still have your prince charming and be a drop dead beauty queen,
Who am I?I am female.
We are the lost And forgotten Our emotions turned Dry as cotton ……………………………….. We are the broken
This is why we fight all of the time: You and I, we're the same Stubborn, foolish, a little selfish But most importantly, we both need to be right. All. Of. The. Time.
I was a PB&J kid. Yes, by that I mean  that I liked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches           But I also mean that I was, and still am,          An S Personality Type.
(poems go here) Raindrops fall From the crystal clear sky Passing layers of life Just passing them by Going on a journey Through the emptiness of air Headfirst to the ground Waiting to get there
He said to me "like lungs without air" that moment I realized we felt the same hurt I tried to keep my air but it escaped the minute you left its as if nothing as moved on. Time still stands Smiles still bright
Don't you know we're all the same? Skin and bones, a heart and a name. We're living life for a purpose together So who is to say whether Any love is right or wrong We come out weak, but we're trying to be strong
Each fight we have, tears me down, Of your standard, I've fallen short. Barely hanging on with pain, Can't you see that we're the same?
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