I Hope

I hope

I hope

I hope

That someday

I will not be afraid


I hope

That I will be afraid but able

Able to do it anyway

I hope that I will be enough of myself

That I don’t have to care

That I will be enough of myself

To care

That I will be enough

Just me

To tell the world

What I feel

Without fear

Without fear of fear

I hope

That I will

Tell them


That I will

Tell all


That I will

Be okay with

Not telling


I hope that they will not scream

Or hurt

Or disown

Or disappoint their way into my eyes


I hope


That they will

And that I will be okay anyway


Okay anyway




I hope that one day

I will not be afraid

Of being afraid


Why not now




It doesn't seem safe.


To tell your family who you love?

Is not safe.

I am dependent


College tuition

And I am afraid

Of what they will say

Of what their eyes will


Of you

I am afraid

They will not want me



If they ever did


Of course they did


But I am afraid that they will not want me

To be theirs




Not ours

Not her

Not that -





Not ours.



What? Nothing.



I am typing and it's loud and bloody but they cannot hear the words only the

Clickity pat flackidy

And they do not know

They may never know

That I sit here

In a well of anxiety

And fear

That I am here and I am hurting

What does it matter?

They are annoyed with my typing, perhaps.

That’s funny.

That they are annoyed with my writing.

When they do not know what it is I say

To no one.

Is it saying if no one hears?


That is the magic of writing.


I am writing

I am waiting

Waiting for what?



I should not use

Such a loud



But they are all this way.



All day

I’ve been taking my pulse


And that sounds like a beginning

But it is

An end.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world



Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my work! This is my truth in its rawest form, and I hope that you can relate to it in your own way.


Truely amazing.

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