I Hate You

I remember when mommy told me 

that if you trust a man, he will hurt you. 

I never thought much of this. Instead of

listening to her, I asked, “mommy, where

is daddy?” 

She never responded to me. 

When I was thirteen, mommy was having a 

hard time.

Drugs was all that was helping her cope. 

I couldn’t do anything about it. And, 

suddenly daddy appeared. 

Daddy, in my dreams, was a hero. 

He was like Superman, he was going to save me.

But I was wrong. Daddy was a sugar coated lie. 

Daddy was a bad man. Daddy insulted me. I was

never good enough for Daddy. I spent times in my 

bathroom, slicing open my arms and legs, tying 

and tying and tying and tying and tying.

The noose over and over again. I took it down one week,

it showed up the next. I was a bomb. I was bound to go 

off any second. I was suicidal. I covered my arms and legs 

in fear of my best friend and teachers asking me what the

cuts were. I had one best friend. I thank her for being there 

for me at the worst time in my life. 

Daddy, you were the one who caused me to be like this. 

Daddy, Mommy takes better care of me than you do. 

Daddy, you’re a horrible father and your girlfriend is a 

whore. She cheated on you, I hope you know that. 

Daddy, i’m glad I didn’t kill my self. 

Daddy, I am powerful. I am strong. I am something you will 

never be. 


I hate you. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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