I Got Quick Love

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 02:07 -- jondra

They tell me I love to quick

Because when I fall

He's never there to catch me

I just want somebody to care

Somebody to fill my open wounds

Stich me up and say they love me

The first person I ever loved

Left me deserted, thanks mom 

you don't understand how much it hurted

I guess the second and the third 

got the memo, sad part is

This all happened when I was little.

I remembered i just turned eight

I got a bratz doll and a pink pair of skates

i asked my brother what's love

What he did that day

He really messed me up

I still have nightmares of that night 

but this time I can get up without putting up a fight

So Yeah I'm 17

And I don't know what love is

or feels like

But I know I got a lot of it to give

So I'm sorry if I fell in love to fast

Just when I'm with you

it's like time is standing still

But if you don't feel the same 

I would rather you let me 

walk away in the sunlight 

then leave me in the rain

I use to think love was happiness 

but really its just pain

I was at peace then

I thought of all the things that 

they've did

All my stitched scars

turned to open wounds again






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My family
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