I finally understand

I've dated eight people now in the last year. 

I need a break, this is crazy. 

I tell my friends all these stories on how each one fails.

I don't understand why thry jsut leave. 

My friends finally say that maybe instead of feeling sad that you cant have them,

Just think of the fact that you got a kiss out of them.

True, but now thoughts began to race and now a headache has begun.

Another year goes by and I've had 2 more relationships die.

My friends tell me again the same thing, don't put any emotions into it. 

I use less thoughts this time but still the thought lingers.

Met this girl at work but she is taken. 

I think at this point my mind speaks for itself.

I say I like her and she say's she likes me also.

My heart beats faster and I just hope I can hold this one.

She kisses me out of random one day and a week later its gone.

Than I think, one-she's taken, two-she did say that if she was single I would be first pick.

I have noting to worry about, psst.

All I do is think that yea we still talk, yea I got my kiss and yea it's nots awkward.

My eyes, my heart and my mind finally understand that no emtions are needed any futher.

Everything is in it's place.

I have all I want; A friend, a kiss and happiness. 

No other thoughts run throught my head expect, what if she doesnt like me anymore?

That doesn't matter because I can find someone else.

Never run after someone who doesn't feel the same or who wants to be taken.

Now, I can finally say I understand what my friends mean.

I feel free, I still fee happy and I don't feel heart broken for once.

My thoughts are free and are no longer in confusion. 


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