I don't know where to begin.


I am angry

I don't know at what.

A pain in my chest

and a heat in my head

a snap--- just like that

and I will scream my fury at you.

My mom

she says she won't pay for my college

she says not to try, 

to apply.

This make me burn deep inside

my mouth firm in a tight line and

my eyes shiny with an ocean

tossing and turning.

This makes me angry

I don't know at whom.

I bang my head.

I am angry 

my head won't work.

It won't give me the test score I ask for

it's not making my goals and dreams

seem anymore achievable.

It is a black hole that knowledge goes in

but never comes out.

I am angry at outerspace


but I am not sure.

I am angry at seventeen.

It is a number that people judge me by

like I can't live for myself. 

They are wrong

but maybe right.

I feel wrong.

They seem right.

I don't know if this makes me angry at all.




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