I don’t want your “love” anymore

Me and you I thought would be forever

We’ve been through it all and it basically turned into a never

I don’t feel the same anymore 

I thought we were compatible 

I’m done I hope I’m being understandable 

Now I can only ask why, I mean what do you want me to do

And all you can say is it’s only because I love you 

So I guess what u want is for me to say it back

But for you love is the one thing that I lack

Because I love you shouldn’t always be your answer 

Just because you messed up 

Don’t expect “because I love you” to be your relancer 

I only ask for the simple things

Maybe I need to be on my own to see what someone else can bring 

You had me in a dark place where I didn’t need to be

Now I’m cold, I feel hollow and I’m empty

We both know this is unhealthy 

Now that we’re done I have a weight lifted off of me 

I met someone new I’m living life 

That’s how it’s supposed to be 

Cause I know I didn’t matter to you 

I was like a trophy

You win big, forget, and later remember me

You hate that you can’t take advantage of me

Because I love you for me

Is a thought, it remains a memory 


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