I Do Love You (Her Sorry Goodbye)

He thought he knew, he thought he could see the signs but in reality, she was a 

master at things to hide. The scars on her heart show she was broken and abused

but she never let anyone see the truth. She loved him with all her heart but he 

didn't  realize was that her heart was broken, no one could fix it. She wore the ring

she had found the day he proposed to her, the day she realized that she was very ill.

She was unable to cry outside because she was so scared, she feared he would see

her dirty secrets.


She loves him is all the pastor says as she lays in the bed, holding his picture and

ring in her hand.


She wants to marry him is all their families said as she was rushed to the

emergency room

She's ready to be his wife her beloved prayed while doctors tried to save her from

falling deeper into darkness. 


This is not what they wanted to say but they knew that it was  true, that she was

broken but managed to say to him that I do love you.


He sits beside her now, watching her sleep under the harshness of the light and the

noise of the machine. He did not want to believe that she wanted to commit

suicide, that she wanted to end her beautiful life. He looked at her hand where her

ring is and kissed the jewel, hoping and praying she will awaken completely. She

is his whole world, one of his meanings to live and breathe as he sees the whole

world. She was broken & abused but to him, she's still as beautiful as the day they

had met all those years ago. All he wanted in this moment was for his beautiful

bride is to open her chocolate eyes.


She is a fighter, don't worry is all the nurse says after they saved her from her



She was diagnosed with depression is all the therapist says after talking to her

family and her love.


She has blood type cancer is all the doctor says after telling her beloved as she

fights for her life in the hospital bed.


This is not what they wanted to say but they knew that is was true, that she was

broken but managed to say to him that I do love you. He did not care about her

physical appearance as much as he cared about herself,  in general, is all he thinks

as he grabs the wall. He would be with her one way or another, regardless of

whether life or death is all that separates their love.


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