emotions suicide awareness death

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Starry eyed and gazing through the black holeThe boys longs for someone to make him wholeTrying to see things in an empty soulLife too depressing he can’t pay the toll His feet are sore from the weight of his shouldersIt feels like just yesterday
things aren’t bad when any malleable silver is my friend   things are bad when pills looks like tic tacs   something’s gotta give
He thought he knew, he thought he could see the signs but in reality, she was a  master at things to hide. The scars on her heart show she was broken and abused
I'm All AloneLost and alone, in a battle i can not win.Fighting the darkness inside.Trying to keep it under control.Sanity slipping fast, reaching out for a hand to grab.
Sad little boy how could you stay sad little boy you ran away from the life you left behind the lies you spoke the harm you'e caused the pain you've caused in knowing...  
Red puffy eyes,
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