I Did Succeed


My parents have always provided me with the things I need

In order for me to succeed

Through sickess and pain they have worked hard

And this sometimes pains my heart

Knowing that I can't help in any way

I pray to God that he would strengthen them each day

They have given their all to help me achieve my dream

They gave their all to help me get into a university

Though at times we lack money and finances are tough

Our family has never given up

As a child I gave my best at school to make my parents see

That one day my goals I will achieve

With this scholarship I can make my parents proud

With this scholarship it can lift their burden somehow

I can go on and be the best I can be

And one day I will graduate from my university

Succeed is what I plan to do

To push myself forward and finish school

One day we'll look back and reminisce

About how some people thought it wasn't possible for this

But they will stop and see

How I indeed did succeed



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