I broke the vow, and ran out of the church. I did for us! I did for our love! And nevertheless, I disappointed my father. I faced him this time, and he had to listen and I had to speak I disrespected him, I made him curse why I was born, I made him hate what he made out of me. I did it all, that he was hurt. I saw him hurt, when I walked out of the church, he caught his heart and knelt down. He was hurt, he was finished; he never had the gats to oppose anything. After raw, if love is love then let it be! I didn’t want to serve the church anymore, I didn’t want to serve the community anymore, and he was ashamed, he was insulted all because of me! I hurt my father! And I knew it. But, I didn’t get the strength to go back coz your love was whole over me. But, you! You! I loved you! I made you my Saul mate. I wanted to walk the so called path with you! You can imagine what happened that day, I unveiled my veil and broke the vow and ran out of the church, and I was a nun! I was nun! Darling! I….I…. I had gone wild in your love, you made me realise that you were the one who will set me free I loved what I did though, but you! You! You blew my mind away, I had seen so many of them before but I kept on with the vow, coz I didn’t want to end up in trouble, but you! You!  You made me irresistible! I didn’t have any option anymore but I had to break down and let go. Now, I don’t see the old you, I saw in the altar, you have extremely changed, I hardly hear the sweets words you persuaded me to leave the church, to leave what my father had full faith about me to fulfil, do you remember when I was watering the flowers and I saw you and forgot all about the watering and just stare at you! Just want to feel your hug to feel the passion that I was missing. Now you..... You make me your fool a fool who doesn’t know anything   but I don’t see that in you! I won’t say anything bad, but I now know it is just stress, the firing from your job and losing your post. That is making you! I don’t know may be you hate me! Or what is it in your mind this time.Can’t you just change for once, coz you hardly know what I have been thinking of late, leaving you darling! But, I can’t, coz I know you are like the only blanket that will warm me! I just want to be beside you, though, what we did was illegal, unforgiveable and if almighty God and my father find a place in their hearts and forgive us then, we can go back home; we can have our life back! And losing your job and post, you may be get it back coz our parents’ tears can ruin our entire life. I just want the old you back! I miss it and grabbed it all heartily and for that case, who knows what will happen who knows why love is love?   

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