I Cried Today

I cried today, and it's okay
In hindsight now, I can't fall prey
To doubt and fear, or dark dismay
Their dreary biddings to obey
I cried today, it's tough to say
Just why I cried, I can't convey:
Emotions come, and sometimes stay
Or leave quite fast, like runaways
I cried today, my feet of clay
Were showing, yes, in full display!
Life's glory moments, bright and gay
Can turn when "Yes!" is changed to "Nay!"
I cried today, but I'm okay
I cry sometimes, and on a day
The tears are there, I feel this way
Just know I'm fine, e'vn when I'm gray
by David C Rogers

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I liked the poem very much,gave me maya angelou vibes,keep up the great work!




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My wife found me crying in the garage, just a quick moment missing my dad. Wanted her to know it was ok.

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