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Sink in, honey, Let your weight settle on me- Get cozy and warm. Inhale the fragrance of jasmine and rose. As your eyelids fall to rest,
I cried today, and it's okay In hindsight now, I can't fall prey To doubt and fear, or dark dismay Their dreary biddings to obey * I cried today, it's tough to say Just why I cried, I can't convey:
Wind, to me sing Your lullaby, Your comforting tone of peace.  I am not,  Could not be, alone Amongst the presence of the breeze.   Tell me secrets, Fear not, song, 
Grey nose, white tail. Soft feet hop down the trail. At the end a light. Shining in the night. Who sits there at the end? Grey nose, white tail.  A girl covered in a black veil.
07/14/13 Don't be afraid Don't be scared Let it out Don't be ashamed   I'm here for you You have my shoulder If you need to cry Or just to lean on
Searching for the right thing to say To somehow make your pain go away There’s not much that I can do So I’ll just be here for you   You don’t deserve this  
I still hold onto you like a newborn baby to his mother. Stuck to you like rain in the clouds You are my heartbeat, although, I should let go I cannot let go on what's been with me for so long
Gray, rainy day Though the sun shines outside Ain’t no thing to study. Racketous roar ripping through my silence, Her pale face, rigid as stone Flattening my smile, And my fear-widened eyes,
Almost always you need my help I'm stuck comforting you   You need my help Never a chance for me comforting you is all there's time for   Never a chance for me You
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