To This, I Can't Live Without


Life is full of surprises;

There will be days that

Everything is going great –

Then, there will be days

When you lose hope in all fate.

It can be quite a roller coaster,

With constant ups and downs –

But at the end of each day,

You want to focus on one thing found:


My love and I, we fight,

We scream, we cry –

But after long talks and compromise,

We intertwine at night

And know that we always try

To forgive and be happy.

My money and I, that’s tough.

I only have so much time –

Trying to juggle school, work, and friends

Makes me want to take a puff,

But over the financial problems I climb,

As I need to stay positive and focused.

With all the struggles I face,

I keep one thing on my mind:

My heart and brain are working together

To have life go at a consistent pace

And leave all negativity behind.

Life can make you sad, mad, and anxious;

But if you keep your head up,

You’ll find it, and you better keep it:


This poem is about: 
Our world


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