I Am Woman- Hear Me Roar


With every "that's not ladylike" my voice drops a little lower until I become a mosquito tone.

With every "you hit like a girl" my fists collapse at my sides as open palms, begging approval.

With every "why don't you smile" my mouth strings itself up into a logo advertising my own vulnerability.

How dare you wear that?

                                    say that?

                                           eat that?

                                                 send that?

Here is a pretty pink mold that's all yours to fill- your very own, just like everyone else's.

Be a leader- But don't be bossy!

Love your body- But never show it!

Impress everyone- But not for the attention!

Swallow every "darling, dear, and honey."

Digest every belittling "sweetheart, missy, and pumpkin."

Congratulations! You're a woman now. Soft, weak, and empty. Don't worry... Being who you are isn't ladylike.


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