I Am What I'm Not



I am a female trapped in my mind

I am that girl who is consistently unsure about herself

Flaunting a fake act putting on a show in hopes of an applause

I am that person who denies the fact that she may indeed be cool

And actually liked for who she is

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder

But how much weight can that hold if you’re only shown the glass half full

You want to leave an impact that would affect many

But you do the same as the average kid spitting words while your walk breathes the dust

Of those ahead of you

You have a crowd gathered close to you but yet feel empty

You hope for change but let your reality consume you

I’m not that person whom others enjoy being around

I’m not that girl that has her head on straight and has a breakthrough on the way

I’m not that female that would have the fellas take a second look

Or the one who will see the silver lining in someone’s drowning

I’m not the one who has the power to make a change in hopes of those who struggle to

See a brighter day

The one whose words only hold weight with an anchor attached to the heart and hands ready to build

A bridge between “only if” and “I did because I can”

Or the one who knows who she is and whose she is because without that, she would be an empty soul

With no value, morals, or character to uphold

You see, I am what I’m not

If I look at my reflection in the mirror

My story could never be told


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