I am small and insignificant


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I am small and insignificant
I wonder what it would be like to fit in
I hear all the "cool kids" laughing at my clothes
I see a future where I am their boss
I want my life to just end so I never have to face them again
I am small and insignificant

I pretend I am anywhere but here
I feel like tomorrow will be better but it never is
I touch the hearts of the people who hear my story
I worry about what would happen to my family if I decide life is not worth it
I cry about the pain I feel every day
I am small and insignificant

I understand that I will never be important to anyone
I say nothing will change
I dream about overcoming my challenges
I try to hide my fears
I hope this is the last day of my life
I am small and insignificant

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Your poem is very sad, but I don't think you are small or insignificiant. I have been bullied before too, so I can understand your pain. We all want to fit in somewhere.. Things will get better.. it will just take time. Hang in there! I think you are important to your family and friends.

RH Penned

You are big, and significant.
Of incredible importance.
The Cosmos marvel at the beating of your heart.
Energies smile with your happiest of thoughts.
For never will it be cloth that counts -
Never will lack of money, pimples, or "oddness" keep you Out.
In fact, the things that alienate you now
Will be the power, the center, the light amongst new friends,
New times,

Where you are the boss, not of others, but yourself.
And where you live life for smiles and laughs
In good fun, and for no one else.


This is a great piece, open letter to your thoughts. You are amazing. You don't have to hear the negative words of others to decide what your value is.
This poem shows that you get it! Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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